MSRIT EC Microprocessor Lab Interface Programs - STEPS/PROCEDURE

In this post I wanted to list all the steps to do the interfacing programs and I'm also attaching few videos that you all can refer.
If there is any mistake please do let me know.


1 - Write the program in notepads Don't forget to give two tabs spaces before you start writing the code. If anyone has pic of how the program looks in notepad after typing the program please do send me.

2 - Start -> Run -> CMD
     Choose your file directory
Example- D:

*** - Your folder where file(.asm) is saved should also have the masm86,link86,pmg file...

Then change your directory to your folder name
Example- cd rcmh
Then type masm86
Input File Name - stepm (whatever name u have given)
Then type link86
Input File Name - stepm (whatever name u have given)
<Enter >
Till it shows no Error
Your Hex File is now Created.

3 - Connect all your Hardware Components & install the software (You will get a popup to install as soon as u connect the USB Cable)
After Intallation

4 - Right Click on My Computer -> Ports-> the active port will be shown (Example COM4)

5 - Now Hopefully you have switched all the main switches and the adapters are showing red light.

6 - Start -> win84 -> Trainer

7 - select your Port and click OK

8 - THEN the software launches.Click in Upload button and choose your hex file.
Click on CMD
A Window Opens

Now click on reset twice (Hardware Button)



Check the Output

If there is anything that I have missed then please do contact me I will make the changes.


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