ALP to interface 8086 processor with 8255 PPI to rotate the stepper motor in anti-clockwise direction

; Assume the interface is connected over J4 of the trainer.
; This program illustrates the control of direction of
; rotation of the Stepper motor depending upon user choice.
; The program executes in a continuous loop.
; The program can be executed in STAND-ALONE MODE or SERIAL
; MODE of operation.
; The program starts at memory location 0:2000H
; Please refer ESA 86/88E user's manual for mnemonic
; syntax suitable to trainer

                OUTPUT 2500AD
                ORG 2000H
                MOV AX,0000H            ;Initialise Segment
                MOV ES,AX               ;Registers
                MOV DX,0FFE6H           ;Initialise
                MOV AL,80H              ;all 8255 Ports as o/p
                OUT DX,AL
START:          MOV  AL,11H             ;Output value
                MOV  DX,0FFE0H          ;to Port A
R1:             OUT  DX,AL
                CALL  DELAY             ;Introduce delay
                RCR  AL,1               ;Rotate bits in
                JMP  SHORT R1           ;data byte right & repeat

DELAY:          MOV  CX,800H            ;Delay routine
SS:             LOOP SS


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